Jez Smith - First Call Heating Ltd


First Call Heating Ltd, have been happy to use Eastleigh College for our training and Gas certification needs. We find that they provide modern training and testing techniques within a new purpose provided and spacious testing facility. First Call Heating Ltd employees have been able to carry out their ACS testing and any updates or new training courses in an environment that is professional, accommodating and friendly. The training element is always delivered in a structured and detailed manner and can often be tailored, by the staff of the plumbing and gas department, to suit our specific requirements. All of our employees attend Eastleigh College at some point in their careers, whether it was for the original Plumbing and Gas training, update courses or annual re-assessment. As an on-going repeat customer we find Eastleigh College training and testing value for money. The Eastleigh College Gas Assessment Centre has been used by First Call Heating Ltd since it was newly built and renovated in 2007. We would, and already have, recommended Eastleigh College to other employers and we currently have our own next generation of gas engineer undergoing his 3 year apprenticeship in partnership with Eastleigh College.





Scott Campbell - Self Employed


The facilities are excellent and the staff very helpful  they really put you at ease straight away. No one likes taking exams, but you are really made at ease when you come here. Everything is clean and tidy — the food in the canteen is even nice, which I was not expecting! I would 100% recommended this Assessment Centre. 5 STARS!





Guy Dawes - Jeff Dawes Ltd


The knowledge and experience of the staff was excellent and the facilities at Eastleigh College allowed me to put theory into practice. I had a very clear understanding of what I wanted from the course and I can say that my experience on this course exceeded my expectations.





Ruth Maxwell - Baxi Heating UK


For as long as I’ve worked with Eastleigh College I have found them very friendly and well organised. They have always helped and accommodated my needs in booking ACS training. They also provide very competitive prices.